Stomach Or Gastric Cancer


Usually formed on the lining of the stomach, gastric or stomach cancer is formed by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori that occurs in over 50% of cases. There are many causes for gastric cancer including large consumption of acidic foods, smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. A rare cause of this disease has genetic sources. The sad part about this disease is that majority of the cases prove fatal as patients usually seek medical help only in advanced stages of the cancer. Hence, in many countries there are screen tests conducted for those who look for preventive measures over cures. An important point to remember to prevent yourself from becoming another victim to this form of cancer is follow a Mediterranean diet and avoid one that includes processed and acidic foods as observed by the demographics of stomach cancer around the world.

It doesn’t show its signs and symptoms early on, and if it does, it is usually mistaken for general stomach issues like gastroenteritis and digestive issues. What you need to watch out for, however, if you feel that you are prone to this disease are indigestion, heartburn, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating and in severe cases, blood in the stool and vomit. Diagnosis for stomach cancer can be done through medical tests that involve physical probing through a camera that is injected into the system to search for visible scarring, ulcers or tumors. In case a lump is detected, it can be then sent for tests through biopsies.


Again, like other forms of cancer, the first method of treatment to oust the disease is through chemotherapy. It is very important for the patient to eat foods that are light on the stomach, avoid spicy foods, pickled items and any other acidic or sugary foods that will inflame the gastro wall. Since the stomach is a large organ whose functioning will not be affected to a great extent, surgery is also conducted. In severe cases, a part of the stomach is cut and removed to prevent further spreading of the cancerous cells. Radiation therapy is also another popular option where the infection is literally burnt out through high energy x-rays. Once the remission stage begins, the victim may be under observation for external signs like vomiting, blood in stools, indigestion, etc.

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